Thursday, October 8, 2015


So wow!! What a busy season I am in.  I haven't had time to post since last Tuesday.  I have been so incredibly busy. Busy with work, busy with home, and I've still been sick with this cruddy junk.  I finally have my voice back but it is still scratchy.  I still sound like a raspy 3 pack a day smoker, but, it's getting better.  I have totally neglected my home keeping duties last week and this week.  I have completed the bare basics and that is about it. Shame on me.

I never did get back here last week to tell about our weekend get away.  We ended up taking Katie and Amber with us and the grand sweeties stayed with their other papaw. The girls wanted to get out and go and do something since their gentlemen were working all weekend.  We went North to Horn Lake, close to Memphis, on Saturday morning. Well, first we stopped off in Batesville for a classic car show they were having. We strolled around there for a bit and then we had a lovely lunch at one of the fabulous Mexican restaurants that is in Batesville.  After lunch, we headed to Horn Lake and did a little shopping or looking mostly.  We hit up Sportsman's Warehouse for the hubs, and Tractor Supply...again for the hubs. Then we walked around through some of the outdoor shopping outlet malls, hit up the Goodwill store (thrift store junkie here!!), then checked into the hotel and hubs and I started getting dressed for a concert we attended. This was an early birthday gift for my husband. His birthday isn't until early November, but since the concert was Saturday, I decided a couple months ago to surprise him with tickets. He loved him some Hank Williams Jr. back in the day and still does.  Hank Jr or Bocephus as some call him, was in concert there Saturday night along with two opening acts, Drake White and The Big Fire Band and Aaron Lewis.  I knew I had gotten good seats, but I had NO IDEA that I had bought front row seats until  a couple days before the concert when I looked up the seating chart online. I was blown away, as was my sweet husband. We enjoyed the concert but admittedly, we aren't as young as we used to be and by the time Hank Jr. started playing at 9:15pm, well, that's usually a little past our bed time haha.  We ended up leaving before the concert was over, which was probably a good thing, because it would have most likely taken us two hours to get out of that mess. After the concert, we had a late night supper at Chili's, though that wasn't our first choice, it was about our only choice. Why do restaurants in bigger cities not stay open past 11pm on weekends? That's crazy.  After that, we headed back to the hotel, where Amber and Katie had stayed in their own room. They had no interest in the concert, they just wanted to get away.  They had ordered pizza for their supper. PS...Papa John's rocks!!

Sunday morning, we slept in a bit, then went to the hotel lobby for a free breakfast...uggh...indian owned hotels, I don't care how clean and nice they are, they are completely cheap on their "breakfasts".  It is very difficult to find a hotel anymore that is not indian owned.   After breakfast and check out, we strolled a few more stores and then had a nice lunch at Red Lobster and then headed home. It was a great little get away and I'm glad Chris was pleased with his early birthday gift. I love that boy!!

I'll leave with a few pics from the event.
Me, all concert ready
Well, for some reason, I wanted this pic at the end and Blogger wanted it here, so here it shall stay. My handsome gentleman. Lunch at Red Lobster on Sunday. See why I wanted it at the end? Blogger will not cooperate.

My sweet gentleman
Ole Bocephus, himself
and the clock struck midnight and Cinderella turned back into the old hag that she is. Ha. Back to my comfort zone of t-shirts, yoga pants, barely there make up, hair up in a pony. Me 95% of the time.