Saturday, August 29, 2015

All done..

I got almost everything accomplished that I wanted to today. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. I did some laundry, catching up on my laundry routine. I swept the entire house, vacuumed the rugs, and mopped the entire house. Then Katie, Riley, and I went and bought groceries. I had intended to clean out vehicle and wash but after walking through WM, my hip bone was screaming!!  I will do that tomorrow.  We came home and I cleaned out the fridge and rearranged the kitchen cabinets before putting the geoceries away. Then I washed dishes and made dessert for after supper and started on supper, which ended up being pizza and for dessert, walnut fudge brownies topped with ice cream and homemade caramel sauce. After supper was a super hot bubble bath and some reading. Whew!!! I'm kinda tired. To bed, I go. Good night. Sweet dreams. Dont forget to say your prayers and count your blessings.



Happy Saturday!!

Today, August 29, 2015, marks the 10th anniversary of hurricane Katrina. This hurricane brought massive destruction to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans.  Today, we remember the many lives that were lost. We remember the so many that lost their homes. I pray that those who survived have been able to re build or relocate and have rebuilt their entire lives and are stronger than ever. Unfortunately,  I know that is not true for all. There are some areas that are still being rebuilt. I haven't been to the coast since 2009, which was just 4 years after the hurricane. I had also just been to the coast two months prior to the hurricane. The difference before and after was just crazy and sad. While a lot had been accomplished in four short years, so much was still left to be done. I couldn't count how many empty slabs I passed, where homes...really nice homes stood. There were many who had fema trailers and even just tents on their
Still.After.Four.Years. !! I just felt so sad for them.  I've seen pictures and documentaries in recent days that shows how much more they have accomplished since I was there in '09. I kind of wish we had gone through there on our way to Florida back in July.

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing on this day, ten years ago?  I was at work, as usual. We didn't have any tv coverage as we did with 9-11, but had radio. I don't think I really thought it was going to be as bad as it was. Kids were let out of school early that day as they were expecting bad weather here as a result of the hurricane, even though we are at least 5 hours North of the Coast. I was kind of glad though. Anytime some type of disaster strikes, I always wanted (and still do) want my babies (and now grandbabies too) right at home with me, under my wing, so I can keep them all safe.

Well, since I AM up early on this one day that I *could* be sleeping in, I might as well get this day going. Have so much to get done. I have slacked on my chores this week, so I MUST catch up. Then I need to catch up on laundry. I tell ya, I have totally slacked this week. Then after all that, I need to make a grocery list and go and get that done. I want to rearrange my kitchen cabinets today as well AND clean out the fridge AND fit the treadmil in there somewhere too. Will she get it all done??? That remains to be seen. Don't even ask me what's for supper. As of this 7:30a.m. hour, I don't have a clue! Not like me at all lol. Perhaps I will find inspiration on Pinterest lol.

Have a great weekend!!
♥Blessings♥Love♥and Hugs♥

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blonde Moment...

So, it was several days ago...maybe some time over the last weekend that this grey haired (you know underneath the bottled color, that is) ah hem...brunette, had a blonde moment.  I know!! That is just too hard to imagine with me. Surprised me too. haha.  Anyhoo, so last week or the week before, can't remember now, must be the grey haired roots, I was writing about not knowing if I would share on this blog, just yet, our real names or whether to use nick names.  I was looking at my blog over the weekend and I noticed name is at the bottom of each blog post. LOL.  

Okay, so I guess that settles that dilemma. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


What a crazy busy week it has been at work. Why is it there seems to be so many who are looking for work yet don't actually want to work when it comes down to it?? Or they aren't qualified for the position or if they do want to work or are qualified we get a bad background check or a failed drug test.  Helllooooo....if you are job hunting, you should automatically assume that MOST employers DO drug screenings these days, so yeah might wanna lay off smoking the weed or meth for awhile. For real. Dummies. Forgive me Lord but I have simply come to the conclusion that some people dont have the sense God gave a watermelon...and that's pretty bad considering. Either that or they just really don't want to work and just fill out applications because they are required to to continue getting unemployment benefits or food stamps. I am nearly sure that's what many of them are doing because they can come in one day and you go to call them in for an interview the next day and  guess what...disconnected phone #...a phone # that they probably knew it was a bad phone # all along.

Ok, hump day rant over lol Carry on good people.

Friday, August 21, 2015


Yes!! It is Friday!! Hallalujah!! Praise Jesus!!  Not that I am tired from work, mind you.  Just tired from a busy busy week, really outside work.  I think that if I could drink right now, I think tonight would be the night that I would have a glass of wine and a super long, super hot bubble bath. (which I can't drink, because I am on blood thinners and I'm not a big drinker anyway, but I like a glass of wine or a beer on occasion...but not while I'm on blood thinners. That's a big no-no)  Calgon, take me away!!   Oh well, I can still do the super long, super hot bubble bath.

Pay day for me today.  Didn't even barely see that one.  I immediately divided it among the 16 medical bills that I have from my surgery.  I haven't owed anyone so much money in all my life.  Of course, dividing my little paycheck amongst 16 medical bills, no one ever gets very much.  I try to use the Dave Ramsey method of debt snow balling, but when you owe SOOOO much, the bottom line on each one never seems to go down very much.  I'm surprised that none of them have been sent to a collection agency yet because they aren't getting paid in large amounts.  Well, one of them actually has...and did in month after my surgery...and I had JUST paid them $56 two weeks prior.  But, like I told them, you will get what I can give.  That goes for all of them.  I get paid twice per month.  With the first check, I buy groceries and with the second check I pay on the medical bills.  Whaattt??? You don't combine your income with your husband's income??  Yes, it all goes into the same account.  I just deduct the amounts I am paid for groceries and my medical bills.  He pays all the other bills AND the high priced medical insurance that comes out of his paycheck.  Thank God, we don't have any kind of credit debt, just basically utilities, phone, vehicle ins. and life insurances and short term disability for him and his parent's Life Alert buttons.  It's crazy how in your 20's you go into credit debt, in your 30's you learn your lesson and get out of debt and then in your 40's come the medical debt. Oh well....that's life. Please know that I am quite happy to pay these high medical bills and that I am still here to pay them.  I came pretty close to NOT being here after my surgery.  God is good all the time and all the time God is good.  He will provide our needs, always.

Yall have a blessed weekend.  Tune into my "Food" page to see what's for supper tonight.  I haven't really planned past tonight. That's not really like me...but, it is what it is this week.

~Blessings, Love, and Hugs~

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Oh boy the joys of learning a new blog site...

Geepers, not sure what I did there but apparently I have reposted my posts from the last few days. Hmmm...I will figure this out eventually.

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Thursday August 20, 2015

The week is almost over!! Yay!! I am so over these last two weeks.  I have learned two things in these last two weeks.
                 1.  You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink
                 2.  I cannot fix everyone or their problems, nor can I make their decisions for them. I have                       to give it all to God and I know he certainly knows, better than I, how to handle
                      everyone and their problems. He surely knows that I have plenty of troubles, myself,
                      that I don't need to take on anyone else's. Does that mean that I don't love all these
                      people around me or don't care about them??  No, just the opposite.  I love them all
                      endlessly.  I just have to pray for them and pray that they are also praying.
I'm getting closer and closer to the day that I will hopefully deactivate our FB pages for least I hope to.  The absolute only reason I will not deactivate is if I need it to be a part of one of the Good Morning Girls Blogging Through The Bible groups, that will be opening up for new members soon.  So, we will see.

I am still trying to decide whether to use our real names on this blog. No last names of course, but whether to use our names or nick names for each family member and if I do that, then I wouldn't be posting any pictures on this blog.  I really wanted to post pics for family, but I am just so skiddish of the the whole internet and the hackers that are out there and the just plain weirdos.  I came across a blog once that the mother had a way of fixing her settings to where NO ONE could right click a picture and save it to their computers.  I need to get in touch with her and see how she did that, because I know she was on Blogger too.

I better get back to this work day and get some work actually accomplished.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Blog Post Here....

So, yeah, this is my first blog post here.  This blog will primarily be used for family news and just as the title imples...some ramblings by myself.  I may write about something exciting happening in our family or I may write about cooking or homeschooling or just a little of this and a little of that.  I like to write.  I always have.  I think I missed my calling hahaha.  I will admit that my grammar sucks sometimes and I apologize in advance for that. I will try to not write a book, but no real promises there.  

We have made the decision to leave Facebook for good.  Yes, I REALLY mean it this time. Chris hasn't ever really been into the whole "spacebook" thing (as he calls it).  He has a Facebook page, but he rarely gets on it. He mostly stalks mine to see what everyone is saying and doing.  I first tried Facebook way back in 2008.  I didn't stay long.  It just wasn't my cup of tea.  I think I went back and tried it out again in 2010. I have had a love/hate relationship with Facebook since that time. I have left and came back many times in the last 5 years.  Sometimes, it's just way too much drama on there. There are people who will post anything and everything and mostly not good.  I've gotten rather skiddish as of late, of even posting pictures on there, though I have, I try not to post too many. Nearly every day in the last few months, I have gotten friend requests from weird people...people with foreign  names who have JUST started their facebook page and doesn't show who their friends are or even any posts. I just keep thinking about the foreign countries that hate America and Americans and how they might get to us to harm us. What a better way than through FB? I mean think about it. People, without even thinking about consequences, will post their most personal and private details of their lives on there. Some will even post their full names, addresses, and phone numbers on their "about me" page right there for all the world to see. They will post pictures of themselves, their kids, their families and if they don't know any better and how to fix it, people can click on the pictures and it gives them the EXACT location of where the picture was taken, thus just about giving anyone a direct map to their homes or wherever they may be. There are people on FB that will accept a friend request from absolutely ANYONE, without hesitation, just in order to have a large number of "friends".  I don't understand those people. They don't know half of their so called "friends" and if you want to find out real quick just how many REAL friends you have, just post a status saying you need help moving...let's see how many of those 1042 "friends" show up. I certainly don't have near bout that many "friends" neither in real life or on Facebook. I decline friend requests all the time,  If I don't know a person personally or am related to them in some form or fashion, nope....not gonna accept it.  If I see a person in Wal Mart and I will wave or smile and they turn their head and go another direction, why the heck would they want to send me a friend request?  Why? Pure NOSY-NESS.  Nope, I'm just over FB.  I had a blog several years ago for several years and I really enjoyed it.  I made some amazing online friends through my blogging and their blogging.  I know that I won't have near the time to write like I used to, since we no longer have internet at home, but I will come here as often as I can and ramble on...hehe.

I'm going to wrap this up and start working on the design of my blog. I hope those of you who I have given the link to my blog will stay with me and please comment to let me know you were here. If you also have a blog, send me the link.  I'd love to read yours as well. I will put my email address in my profile or "about me" section and if you want to get a hold of me or need to know how to further contact me, you can shoot me an email and I'll be happy to give you that info.  

Until next time, Lord willing,
~  Blessings, Love, and Hugs~