Friday, August 21, 2015


Yes!! It is Friday!! Hallalujah!! Praise Jesus!!  Not that I am tired from work, mind you.  Just tired from a busy busy week, really outside work.  I think that if I could drink right now, I think tonight would be the night that I would have a glass of wine and a super long, super hot bubble bath. (which I can't drink, because I am on blood thinners and I'm not a big drinker anyway, but I like a glass of wine or a beer on occasion...but not while I'm on blood thinners. That's a big no-no)  Calgon, take me away!!   Oh well, I can still do the super long, super hot bubble bath.

Pay day for me today.  Didn't even barely see that one.  I immediately divided it among the 16 medical bills that I have from my surgery.  I haven't owed anyone so much money in all my life.  Of course, dividing my little paycheck amongst 16 medical bills, no one ever gets very much.  I try to use the Dave Ramsey method of debt snow balling, but when you owe SOOOO much, the bottom line on each one never seems to go down very much.  I'm surprised that none of them have been sent to a collection agency yet because they aren't getting paid in large amounts.  Well, one of them actually has...and did in month after my surgery...and I had JUST paid them $56 two weeks prior.  But, like I told them, you will get what I can give.  That goes for all of them.  I get paid twice per month.  With the first check, I buy groceries and with the second check I pay on the medical bills.  Whaattt??? You don't combine your income with your husband's income??  Yes, it all goes into the same account.  I just deduct the amounts I am paid for groceries and my medical bills.  He pays all the other bills AND the high priced medical insurance that comes out of his paycheck.  Thank God, we don't have any kind of credit debt, just basically utilities, phone, vehicle ins. and life insurances and short term disability for him and his parent's Life Alert buttons.  It's crazy how in your 20's you go into credit debt, in your 30's you learn your lesson and get out of debt and then in your 40's come the medical debt. Oh well....that's life. Please know that I am quite happy to pay these high medical bills and that I am still here to pay them.  I came pretty close to NOT being here after my surgery.  God is good all the time and all the time God is good.  He will provide our needs, always.

Yall have a blessed weekend.  Tune into my "Food" page to see what's for supper tonight.  I haven't really planned past tonight. That's not really like me...but, it is what it is this week.

~Blessings, Love, and Hugs~

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