Wednesday, August 26, 2015


What a crazy busy week it has been at work. Why is it there seems to be so many who are looking for work yet don't actually want to work when it comes down to it?? Or they aren't qualified for the position or if they do want to work or are qualified we get a bad background check or a failed drug test.  Helllooooo....if you are job hunting, you should automatically assume that MOST employers DO drug screenings these days, so yeah might wanna lay off smoking the weed or meth for awhile. For real. Dummies. Forgive me Lord but I have simply come to the conclusion that some people dont have the sense God gave a watermelon...and that's pretty bad considering. Either that or they just really don't want to work and just fill out applications because they are required to to continue getting unemployment benefits or food stamps. I am nearly sure that's what many of them are doing because they can come in one day and you go to call them in for an interview the next day and  guess what...disconnected phone #...a phone # that they probably knew it was a bad phone # all along.

Ok, hump day rant over lol Carry on good people.

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