Saturday, August 29, 2015

All done..

I got almost everything accomplished that I wanted to today. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. I did some laundry, catching up on my laundry routine. I swept the entire house, vacuumed the rugs, and mopped the entire house. Then Katie, Riley, and I went and bought groceries. I had intended to clean out vehicle and wash but after walking through WM, my hip bone was screaming!!  I will do that tomorrow.  We came home and I cleaned out the fridge and rearranged the kitchen cabinets before putting the geoceries away. Then I washed dishes and made dessert for after supper and started on supper, which ended up being pizza and for dessert, walnut fudge brownies topped with ice cream and homemade caramel sauce. After supper was a super hot bubble bath and some reading. Whew!!! I'm kinda tired. To bed, I go. Good night. Sweet dreams. Dont forget to say your prayers and count your blessings.

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