Saturday, August 29, 2015


Happy Saturday!!

Today, August 29, 2015, marks the 10th anniversary of hurricane Katrina. This hurricane brought massive destruction to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans.  Today, we remember the many lives that were lost. We remember the so many that lost their homes. I pray that those who survived have been able to re build or relocate and have rebuilt their entire lives and are stronger than ever. Unfortunately,  I know that is not true for all. There are some areas that are still being rebuilt. I haven't been to the coast since 2009, which was just 4 years after the hurricane. I had also just been to the coast two months prior to the hurricane. The difference before and after was just crazy and sad. While a lot had been accomplished in four short years, so much was still left to be done. I couldn't count how many empty slabs I passed, where homes...really nice homes stood. There were many who had fema trailers and even just tents on their
Still.After.Four.Years. !! I just felt so sad for them.  I've seen pictures and documentaries in recent days that shows how much more they have accomplished since I was there in '09. I kind of wish we had gone through there on our way to Florida back in July.

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing on this day, ten years ago?  I was at work, as usual. We didn't have any tv coverage as we did with 9-11, but had radio. I don't think I really thought it was going to be as bad as it was. Kids were let out of school early that day as they were expecting bad weather here as a result of the hurricane, even though we are at least 5 hours North of the Coast. I was kind of glad though. Anytime some type of disaster strikes, I always wanted (and still do) want my babies (and now grandbabies too) right at home with me, under my wing, so I can keep them all safe.

Well, since I AM up early on this one day that I *could* be sleeping in, I might as well get this day going. Have so much to get done. I have slacked on my chores this week, so I MUST catch up. Then I need to catch up on laundry. I tell ya, I have totally slacked this week. Then after all that, I need to make a grocery list and go and get that done. I want to rearrange my kitchen cabinets today as well AND clean out the fridge AND fit the treadmil in there somewhere too. Will she get it all done??? That remains to be seen. Don't even ask me what's for supper. As of this 7:30a.m. hour, I don't have a clue! Not like me at all lol. Perhaps I will find inspiration on Pinterest lol.

Have a great weekend!!
♥Blessings♥Love♥and Hugs♥

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