Friday, September 4, 2015


It's Friday again.  What a crazy busy work week, it has been.  I am ready to enjoy this three day weekend.  All chores and laundry are completed (or will be this afternoon), so I have nothing chained me down to the house this weekend.  Yippie!! 

The Mister mentioned something about us going to two events tomorrow, one is about 30 miles West of us and the other is  about 40 miles North of us. Sounds like a plan.  This of course will probably be after I have to put my big girl mama drawers on and try not to cry like a baby as I watch my oldest baby move off too far away from me.  I am not handling this very well at all.  I have just tried to not think about it this week and maybe just been in denial too.  Every time I think about it, I feel as if I am suffocating, like I can't breathe.  Yes, she's moved away before, but it was only a couple hours away and it was different circumstances and this time, my mama heart is just worried.  I want to just grab her up and say, "NO!! YOU CANNOT GO!! I FORBID IT!!"  But, in all honesty, she IS nearly 25 and quite capable of making her own decisions and while I don't always agree with her decisions, I know I have to have faith in her and my raising of her. It's a big ole city that she is moving off to, and I am just worried. I know in my heart that she will have better opportunities there, and I wish that there were more opportunities here for her. I just have to pray for her constantly and give this over to God. Pray for me. I will be a total mess tomorrow and probably all weekend.   I have gained so much respect for my own mother since my girls have gotten older.  I have no idea how she even did it when I moved off 5 hours away at the way too young age of 17!! She didn't want me to go, but she didn't tell me no, either...though she could have...I doubt I would have listened anyway. I am sure I would have gone no matter what.

 Lord, please keep your hand upon my girl. Guide her, Guard her, Keep her in YOUR will, and Keep her safe and free from ALL harm. I am praying Jeremiah 29:11 over her, and believing in that promise. God, may you bless her beyond measure. Bless her with good health and prosper her in her finances.  I pray these same words over each and every one of my children, Father. ~Amen~

Sunday will be church and just resting and enjoying the day. Monday, The Mister and the Father In Law will be cooking/grilling. I've heard rumors of pork tenderloin, ribs, potato salad, veggies, and cornbread. (okay, I requested the potato salad and cornbread because the FIL makes the absolutely BEST cornbread!!) I will probably make a dessert to go with all that yumminess. I haven't decided just what yet, but I'm sure it will be good. 

The Bible study group that I participate in will start its Fall study on Monday as well. Read more about the Good Morning Girls Bible Study here

Tuesday, we will begin our new year of homeschooling. Alex will be in 5th grade this year. I anticipate a great season of learning and fun.  

So, that's our plans for the next few days.  I think I will update my FOOD page. (I usually post my daily menus there...when I think of it).

Have a super great long weekend. Be safe. If you MUST drink, please don't drive. Have a designated driver, PLEASE.  ~Drive sober or get pulled over~ 

Blessings, Love, and Hugs 

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