Friday, September 25, 2015


So, it's been a pretty good week despite Monday starting off as a true Monday and then me finally succumbing to that dang cold that is going around and then losing my voice the very next day.  On day 3 with no voice at all.  I'm sure there are lots of people really liking this, but, I'd like to have my voice back, please.  I guess I am the (hopefully) very last person to get this junk. It started with Jack getting it from daycare the week of August 17th.  Since then, he, Laila, Amber, Jake, I'm sure his parents and sister since they all live together, Kristen, Katie, Alex and Chris have had it and even my co worker got it ?? (his wife probably brought it home, she's a 2nd grade teacher) He even lost his voice for two weeks, but so far he and I are the only ones to have lost our voices.  Among those mentioned (though I'm not sure about Jake and his family), Amber, Laila, Jack, and Katie have had it TWICE.  All this time, I have germex'd, Lysol'd, bleach'd seriously EVERYTHING. I have usually had a WALL of Lysol or Germex around me at all times. Seriously. I'm that much of a germaphobe. Then sure enough, it was about Tuesday when I came down with it full fledged and overnight Tuesday, I lost my voice. Haven't found it yet :(  Hoping to be able to rest my vocal chords this weekend and not so much as whisper, maybe I'll just use a dry erase board to talk lol. Hopefully, I will be better by Monday.   Of course, everyone wants to call just when you can't talk. Very annoying. 

Oh, and Alex came down with a tummy bug last night. Yippie. I believe it is probably the same one that Katie had last weekend.  Tis the season....Prayerfully, he will be better quick. 

What am I doing today and this weekend.  After work, I am going shopping or looking for a blouse or cardigan to wear with a tank top to a concert next weekend. More about that later. Then home I shall go. 

For supper, I shall grill  fry in a black cast iron skillet, with lots of buttah, some nice big juicy steaks and to go with, some loaded baked potatoes, beefy beans, and garlic bread.  Yuuummmyyy!!!  For supper tomorrow night will be pizza. Sundays, the Mr. usually cooks, so we will see.  I usually make a dessert every weekend, but I think I'm gonna skip this weekend.  We have sweets in the freezer that need to be eaten  and Lord knows we gonna be eating next weekend. More about that later...haha. 

As for plans for the weekend.  I will be finishing up chores and laundry today and tomorrow just lots of reading and resting and Sunday will be church and grocery shopping.  

That's about all I have. I know. I live a boring life. I like it that way. 


So, be sure to reach out to a friend and nurture that friendship today. I think my form of communication today is going to have to be email and text lol.

~Blessings, Love, and Hugs~

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