Wednesday, September 9, 2015


If you will notice on the right side of my blog, I have a page titled, "Homekeeping".  This is my system and routine that I use. It is loosely based on the Fly Lady method, with my own twists and turns here and there. It works well for me. I have had some to ask me about my routines when I was on Facebook and I posted it there and I have posted it here as well. Homekeeping or chores is what I mostly call it, does not always go as planned but I try to keep this schedule as best I can.  I hate clutter and it completely stresses me out to come home to a dirty and cluttered house or room or sink of dishes, so knowing this, I do try to keep my home looking nice and company ready most all times. You might find toys out here and there if the babies have been there, but for the most part it will be clean and tidy. It is so freeing to go to bed with a clean kitchen and wake up to a clean and empty sink and clean and empty counters.

All of that said.  This week I am in Zone 2 (Bathrooms) check out my "homekeeping" page to the right for the scoop on all of it.  Today, in the bathrooms, I will be doing this:
For my weekly Home Blessing, I will be doing this (this is one method that I use from Fly Lady, but she does hers all in one day as to where I break mine up into daily chores)
WEDNESDAY – Sweep front entrance, clear any clutter from counter/table, sweep front porch

As for laundry, today is White Wednesday.  All White laundry will be washed, dried, folded and put away today.  I usually put on a load before leaving for work, but today I didn't have time. Sometimes, if I know I will have more than one load, I will put on a load to wash the night before when I head to bed and then put on the second load before heading to work the next morning. Today, I will only have one load, so I will be able to do that this afternoon. 

Not counting my morning chores/routine or my evening chores/routines, both my zone chores and home blessing chores never take more than 30 minutes to complete. Tops. Sometimes not more than 15 min. This type of routine is far better (in my opinion) than spending an entire Saturday cleaning house and doing laundry and my house is always tidy. For the most part. 

Happy Homekeeping  

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