Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Good Tuesday morning!!  I did not accomplish a single thing on my "to do" list yesterday, except for supper.  We spent the entire afternoon at a dr's appt with Katie and then at the pharmacy.  I got home shortly after 5pm.  No house cleaning yesterday. I will have to double up this afternoon.

  Today is                                    
Alex had his first test of the school year on Friday.  He finished his English PACE book and tested on that and made a 100!! Go Alex!! Poor kid then got sick that night with a tummy bug.  Bless his bones. He's feeling better now and has a few more PACES to test on today. Should be a light school load today.  Tomorrow will be his off day since I have my IV iron treatment and then Thursday and Friday he will begin new PACES in each subject. 

In other news.  Day two this week getting up early enough to do my Bible study.  I am hoping and trying and praying to not get behind this week.  

My Bible is certainly getting rather colorful.(though you really can't tell it in this picture.) I love the Bible Coloring that I've learned with Good Morning Girls. It really is relaxing and while I was skeptical at first, it really does help in digging in deeper into God's word.

Well, beautiful people, I need to get going and get some work done.  

~Blessings, Love, and Hugs~

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