Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Somber Tuesday morning around these parts.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the students, faculty, and staff at Delta State University, a college that is not far from my home.  A professor, was shot and killed yesterday morning by a fellow professor, for reasons that we may never know.  It really doesn't matter what the reason was, it was uncalled for and not necessary. My prayers also go out to the professor's family and friends. From what I understand, he was an awesome professor and and an amazing person, in general.  The man who shot and killed him, is also highly suspected of shooting and killing his girlfriend in the early morning hours at their home, on the MS Coast, then drove the 300 some odd miles to his place of employment, Delta State, and shot and killed his colleague.  I cannot imagine what drove this man to do such an indescribable act of hate to these two people.  I am sure we will learn more about this man as time goes on.  My prayers are also with his girlfriend and her family and friends and also with the killer's family and friends as they will also be mourning his loss and trying to make sense of what he has done. As I said, since he took the coward's way out,  (he was finally caught late last night and during a chase, he shot and killed himself) we may never know his reasons. A sad sad day for so many. I was checking twitter most of the morning and afternoon for updates and one of the trending terms was "active shooter".  It is a sad time in this world when "active shooter" is the trending hashtag. This was the second shooting at a MS college in just a few weeks. MS State had a shooter on campus just a few weeks ago.  I don't think he actually fired shots, just threatened to.  Still.  Our country and its leaders and our schools desperately need Jesus.  All of these things happen because we have allowed them all to remove Jesus from our schools, our government, our lives. It is past time for Christians and Jesus to take this country back.
Father protect us all.

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