Friday, September 18, 2015


Oh yes it is!! Thank you, Jesus!!  I guess today will be the last day of my birthday week, and me choosing what's for supper.  Since we did sandwiches Monday, baked potatoes on Tuesday, the Mr. brought home KFC for supper on my birthday night (Wednesday, just in case you didn't catch my post from Wednesday lol) and last night, the Mr. attended a homemaker's community club picnic with his mom and I was kind of wiped out from my iv iron treatment, so I didn't go. But he brought me a plate home. KFC Only, that chicken was NOT fresh. It tasted as though it had been in someone's fridge for two days. But, hey, still, I didn't have to cook and that was my wish for my birthday week. Tonight, I am thinking chinese take out.

Plans for the weekend. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I say that about every week, and it usually never works out. This time, I'm serious. Except for church on Sunday, I plan to go nowhere. Hopefully. I have a few chores to get caught up on from this week, if I don't finish them today and that is about it. I may stop at the grocery store on the way home today and pick up a couple of steaks for supper tomorrow night and then pick up Chinese and then go home and park the car for the weekend, except as I said earlier, for Church on Sunday.

Oh wait, I do have something to do this weekend, now that I think about it.  I have got to get caught up on my online Bible Study with Good Morning Girls. I have gotten behind this week. No excuses. Just have gotten behind.

I also need to look at Alex's curriculum and re work it.  It seems to be going a little more fast paced for him than he needs it to be. I may be considering going to a year round schedule with less of a work load each day and a lighter work load in the summer.

The eldest child is doing well in Arkansas. They have found a place to rent and hopefully, she will be able to get out and find a job soon.

Well, folks.  I'm gonna get off here for now.  Hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks to those who called, texted, and emailed me some great Birthday Wishes and cards.  It's been a great week. I can't say my entire year was great, what with the knee injury, surgery, subsequent blood clot in my lung that came very close to ending my life, and all the issues that have come from all of that plus the thousands and thousands and thousands of medical bills that will take me FOREVER to pay off. But, I am claiming, in the sweet name of Jesus, that this year will be one of my greatest years yet...on all levels. Amen.

Oh and don't forget, it is

Do something, today, to nurture a friendship and encourage a friend. 

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